Rail Atlas

This atlas aims to offer on an interactive map of European railways including historical routes, intended to be used by railroad enthusiasts all over the world.

Some of the goals include:

  • technical
    • Bringing available network data together into a single data model with reference to the sources
    • Assignment of open data IDs to network elements (Wikidata) for further linking options
    • a map tile layer for the railroad tracks and network nodes
    • an API to republish data
  • functional:
    • Timetables containing passing times for closed stations and other facilities
    • Timetables for heritage railways
    • Pictures / postcards of train stations and other facilities

The map is mainly based on open data provided by the organizations who maintain the referenced networks with available Wikipedia / Wikidata resources and ids linked, adding data from other sources for which no official source is available.

As I am compiling this data, I am also editing the open sources (wikipedia/wikidata/openstreetmap) if I find gaps or mistakes.
This is a long-term project which will be unfinished for quite some time.

Contact me at leen ~AT~ nigami ~PERIOD~ net